Insurance Billing

Does Your Insurance Cover Water Damage?

The good news is that in most home flood situations, your homeowner insurance will cover the cost of hiring a professional water damage restoration company.  You are not required to hire any specific company, even if your insurance makes recommendations.  FLOOD DOCTORS has worked successfully with many insurance providers to meed the needs of people who have had water damage in their homes or businesses.

Insurance Billing Of Your Claim

FLOOD DOCTORS® does offer insurance billing so that we can bill your insurance directly for the water damage restoration costs.

We can work with any insurance company in order to help with your claim.  During the process, we can guide you and give you helpful advice as needed.

Most often, an insurance adjuster will come out to your home or business to view the damage.  It is a very good idea to take photographs of the damage that has occurred in order to have good documentation.  Good photographs should show the severity of the water damage before the clean up and restoration work has begun.  FLOOD DOCTORS® does take photographs of water damages also.

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Water damage services are offered by FLOOD DOCTORS® 24 hours a day for homes and business in Milwaukee, Waukesha, Brookfield and surrounding counties.

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